Capture Moments . Share Life . Protect your Ride


Capture Moments . Share Life . Protect your Ride

The UHWK may be small but it packs a powerful punch. With it’s unique contouring and ultra-lightweight design, you can capture true 150 degree video without knowing you’re even wearing it

Horses UK and Ireland

There are so many reasons I love my UHWK. Hacking out, schooling, teaching or receiving a lesson, it’s so beneficial to be able to play it all back and review the events. I feel reassured when around traffic. When schooling I can look back and think about how I should correct a situation. When teaching I can record and send to the rider to help them understand what I’m suggesting. If I’m being taught, I can re-live the moment, imagine how it felt at the time and listen to how I should react.

Sian Krysten-Webb
Horses UK and Ireland

Active Rider

The UHWK cameras is really easy to use, which is great as the coaches have not got time to mess about with fiddly things. We will use them for training at my Active Rider Camps starting in March. Filming riders so they get a recording of their lesson and very importantly, get a visual understanding of what the trainer sees and asking for. Visual aid works wonders to help absorb and really understand instruction. This will work out when a coach is asking a rider to do something special, to make some adjustments.

Jane Walker
Active Rider

Niki Elliott, Carriage Driver

I first saw the UHWK at HOYS last year. My old camera is a go pro style but i found it too heavy for my helmet. I use the UHWK for carriage driving mainly but also will use it for riding too. It’s great, i don’t know the camera is there it’s so light, the quality of footage is great, very clear and the sound is great.The battery lasts well, much better than any camera i’ve tried. Its great not having to fiddle with a case, it just slides into the holder on my helmet. I wear it all the time to not only record bad driving but also to help improve my carriage skills.

Niki Elliott

Paula Smith, BHS Safety Office Cornwall. Gold Rush Eventing – Strive to be better

Unfortunately the roads are getting more and more hazardous with statistics only increasing so it would seem that there is no option but to wear a camera to record and report such incidents. I came across the UHWK at the Equine fair I was totally blown away , small and lightweight. I’m not technical, but the UHWK is so easy to use. One button operation with a series of beeps to alert you of the function. So simple to transfer footage. How can something this small and lightweight and easy to use produce such good quality. Crystal clear and fantastic sound quality. I’ve tried quite a few cameras and this far exceeds any of the others I will never go back. UHWK all the way !!

Paula Smith
BHS Safety Office Cornwall

Rebeccah Johnston 2x Olympic Champion

I love the design and branding. The UHWK looks so cool and fashionable all my teammates always ask me how to get one

Rebeccah Johnston
2x Olympic Champion

Mandy Bujold, Rio 2016 Olympian / 9x National Champion

This is a huge advantage for any athlete willing to do extra to be the best. Seeing myself from my opponents or coaches eyes allows me to evaluate my technique and improve my performance, while seeing my opponents from my own eyes again allows me to expose holes in their defence and perfect my offence. This could hold true across almost any sport.

Mandy Bujold
Rio 2016 Olympian / 9x National Champion

Whatever Your Sport..



The UHWK camera is capable of shooting at 1080 video at 30 fps! Switch to 720p at 60fps for great slow motion


The UHWK camera is extremely lightweight at just over one ounce. You really wouldn’t know that you were wearing it !!!


Unique patented design contoured to flow with the angles of the surfaces it is mounted to for a true 150 degree POV video experience. One of the worlds most discreet action cameras. Super strength rubberised casing with anti-scratch lens


Designed with the sports person in mind. Quick and easy to mount, with the single switch operation allows effortless control of the camera


Clear LED illuminating display and operational bleeps notify the user of the selected mode


Clear LED illuminating display and operational bleeps notify the user of the selected mode


The microphone is located on the underneath of the camera to ensure a very clear sound quality


IP37 Rated, 100% weather proof
Operates from -20 to +40 Degrees


Designed to be strong, robust and low profile whilst maintaining the stability of the camera and video quality


Pocket sized and compact the UHWK camera is supplied with a neoprene case for protection when travelling