Why should you use a camera for Cycling?

Since launching the UHWK in October 2017 it has become popular with many cyclists mainly because of its unique design and weight. So much so that we will officially launching the UHWK camera at the Excel Cycle show in February 2018

Leisure Riding

Dashcams in cars are becoming more and more popular as they really are the silent witness. Dashcam evidence is now often used to ensure claims are settled fairly and the right person is brought to justice. As cyclists it’s important that you have video evidence should you be involved in any incident. You could argue that video evidence is more important for cyclists as personal injury is a much bigger risk.

Can video evidence be used in court?

Yes, cycling footage can be used in court. Increasingly, cyclists are recording daily commutes as a personal insurance policy, so you need a camera that’s easy and comfortable to use.

It has been reported that drivers fail to see 22% of cyclists on the road in clear view of their vehicle.That’s an alarming statistic!

Let’s put that another way.

How many vehicles interact with on your average commute?

Potentially Hundreds, if not thousands. ONE IN FIVE DO NOT SEE YOU.

Prevention is better than cure, make yourself as visible as possible. Get a great rear light. Good reflective clothing. But if something goes wrong, wouldn’t you like to have a record of the incident that you could show to the police?

What’s the Best Camera for Cycling?

What’s the best camera for recording bike commutes?

There are a number of factors to consider.

The very popular GoPro cameras produce beautiful footage but from a practical point of view, they are not designed to be a safety camera and bulky to wear.

There are alternative helmet cameras out there with features that make them much more appropriate for recording daily commutes for safety purposes.

Factors to Consider before buying a camera for cycling

  • Needs to be waterproof
  • Good Battery life
  • Easy to operate
  • Light and safe to wear
  • High quality image
  • Lens field of view (wide angle)
  • Good Frame rate
  • Good Sound recording

There’s no avoiding it.
A GoPro on your head will make you look stupid.

gopro on cycle helmetForward Facing Safety Camera is a preferred option. Certain designs, like the cylindrical “bullet” cameras are more appropriate than the chunkier rectangular varieties..

I’ve worn a GoPro on my head once and wouldn’t do it again, as I found it quite uncomfortable and felt it looked very conspicuous (and silly).


The feedback we’ve received from Cyclists about the UHWK is very positive, great battery, quality video and its discreet, low-profile lightweight fitting for your bike or headgear are all major plus-points.