UHWK Camera for General Sports

UHWK was designed by sports people for sports people !!

UHWK is a sports technology company that is revolutionising the sports/athletic industry by providing consumers with a wearable camera that enhances both precision and vision to re-evaluate their decision-making and training.

The only POV action camera world-wide truly designed for use in any sport. So why is this ? Not only does it deliver full 1080HD video quality but great emphasis was placed on the design. The aim was simple –

– Great 1080 Full HD
– Profiled so that its easy to wear
– Easy to use. Simple one touch operation
– Ultra Lightweight so you won’t notice you are even wearing it.


Official UHWK Ambassador, Pavel Datsyuk. . . We are thrilled to work with Pavel and bring all of you the perspective and input of a legend. Thanks and special thank-you to Pavel and his team for believing in UHWK. The UHWK is probably one of the widely used POV cameras for Ice Hockey..


UHWK are the official action camera partner to the National Lacrose league in the USA..

UHWK was the brain child of Shea Kewin. Headquartered in Canada with operations that now expands right across North America, Russia and Europe. In October 2017 we were pleased to partner UHWK as the UK distributor. A winning attitude and a continuous approach to improvement has led to UHWK working with some of the top athletes and sports organisations across the world.


Since partnering UHWK in October 2017 we have quickly reached out to so many different sport people in the UK. With the unique design and lightweight it really has captured the imagination of many.. Just a few examples that we are aware of so far


Not only to share and capture memories but also widely used as a safety camera as well. Like a dashcam, video of any incident can be crucial in the event of any claim.


An activity that people love to take video of. All different types and styles of cameras are used. With its operating temperature down to -20 the UHWK again fits the bill. Its contoured design is perfect for mounting on the ski helmet or goggles


This was certainly a new one to us, but I guess wearing a big heavy camera is not an option in such an environment. But it must be fantastic to capture video of this..


Popular across many different activities for sports people that want to capture video for various reasons.

Whether that’s for use on social media or feedback on training sessions etc. It really is the lightweight and form factor that ticks the boxes..

It is just so easy to wear and operate, you really don’t know that you are wearing it.