Why Buy the UHWK

Video Quality and Audio

Full HD quality allows for unparalleled enjoyment of filmed material!
Capture every moment in full 1080 HD
1920*1080HD at 30 fps
720 at 60fps
Microphone carefully located to maximise sound quality
150 Degree FOV

Unique Shape and Design

Ultra light weight. Just 30 grams
Extra durable frame for operation under extreme conditions
Safer to wear and stable
Perfectly Contoured Style
One of the few cameras in the world capable of true first-person capture

Ease of Use

Portable and pocket sized
One button Control. Simple to turn on when you need it
Universal mounts for any helmet, riding hat or head mounted
Micro USB charging

Water Resistant

IP37 Rated
Wear with confidence in any weather

Battery Life

Tiny camera but packs a powerful punch
Powerful Battery. Fully charged will give you 1 hour 50 minutes of operation/filming

Value for Money

The UHWK is great value for money , without compromising quality
Durable, long lasting and robust
Fully loaded kit including SD card and mounting selection

UK Customer Services

We have a dedicated team here in the UK to support our valued customers